Zoo Evolution

Animal Science

  • publisher: Raiser Games
  • Developer: Starloop Studios
  • Genre: City Builder & Strategy
  • Platforms: iOS and Android

Build up a Zoo, fill it with animals and breed them to make new strange species! That is what "Zoo Evolution" means. Master the life's evolution process, mixing different species to have new animals that attract the attention of new customers.
Like any city builder game, you have to be smart with your logistics, managing the zoo's resources,

like food, water, places, and baby animals! If your Zoo becomes big and famous, other players come to see your progress, and you will win some rewards. Of course, you can go to others zoos to see what are they breeding, see how they manage their resources, and take note of all! Is an animal game for all the family, specially for kids, who can pass their time enjoying the animal life.