About us

The team is comprised by veterans with more than 30 years working in the video game industry, but also by young dreamers with the drive and talent to carve their name on video games history.

Together, our members have published more than 200 games from 17 different countries for PC, consoles and mobile devices, both digitally and physically.

Some of them have even designed their own games, top sellers included, allowing them to understand the trials and tribulations developers go through when working on their titles.

Our logo does not only symbolize the launch and reach of the titles we publish, but also reflects our experiences as entrepreneurs within the industry, creating our own businesses and development studios.

We perpetuate this philosophy in Raiser Games, working with development teams that are willing to bring their creative ideas to life, from a blank piece of paper to a fully-fledged video game.

Raiser Games is co-funded by Webedia, a multinational digital entertainment group with 229 million unique visitors and 4 billion views per month, and Vizz Agency, the top 1 influencer agency in Spain & LATAM. They are two important actors in the video game industry that allow us to easily reach a wide network of top-tier influencers and media sites, reaching the highest points of the gaming sphere.