Christmas is coming to Youtubers Life! Get exclusive items before it ends!

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Greetings, u-tubers!

Christmas is finally here! This is the perfect moment for YouTubers to enjoy their brand new games and upload videos to their youtube channels… Which means it’s the best time to play Youtubers Life! This is precisely why the Christmas event is coming back for this year!

Here’s everything you will find when you play Youtubers Life between today and December 30th:

  • New home and loading screens that will reflect the Christmas theme.
  • Get an exclusive item: the Christmas ornaments. This decorative piece will only be shown during the duration of the event, make the most out of it!
  • Christmas-themed food: candy, turkey, gingerbread, grapes… Delicious meals to recover your energy.
  • An elf costume, in both male and female versions, for the Fashion Channel: rock the runway with the most suited attire for Christmas. If you get this piece of clothing before the event ends, you will be able to keep it forever, so don’t miss the occasion to dress as a Christmas elf during summer and get it now!
  • And to round everything up, a new achievement that you can only obtain during the event. Unlock it by collecting the featured Christmas items: the Christmas ornaments, the food, and the elf costume!

To let you and all of your friends enjoy Youtubers Life, we are also joining the Steam Winter Sales with a 40% discount! Indeed, this is the best time for YouTubers all around the world… Ah, and one more thing:


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