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When you partner with Raiser Games, you work closely with our talented team of producers to achieve the full potential of your dream game from any point of development.

We play and understand your game to the fullest, as if we were part of the development team, providing an unbiased, impartial look to help the team to keep focus

Prepare a realistic planning and milestone timeline, to achieve the full potential of your title, and provide the extra muscle, during the last push of the project, the most exciting (and hard) moment of development

With honesty and transparency, we communicate on a daily basis to help in anything you may need, we are not afraid to tell you what anyone else is not willing to say.



When you join our family, we provide the extra muscle you need to get your game out there.

We fund your project and conduct a deep market analysis to craft the community of your game.

Come with a business plan that suits your needs, with the values of your project always in mind and provide Legals.

Conduct of the full localization process with a specific publishing criterion for each territory, including localization kits, language testing, voice over…

We make sure your game gets the publishing approval from the different platforms to comply with their guidelines, and take care of the different age ratings labels for each territory: ESRB, PEGI, IARC, CERO, KGRB, etc.



As we are gamers ourselves, we understand what players look for in your game, building the smoothest bridge between your potential audience and your title through presence on social media, specialized gaming sites, streaming platforms, storefronts, and any other place we can showcase your project.

We create a marketing strategy to position your game and build a brand to appeal to gamers worldwide crafting powerful and creative advertising campaigns.

We contact our 600 exclusive-influencers (including the top 5 in selected territories) to cover your game from the earliest moments.

We secure a flow of news content about your game to the media, reaching an audience of 245-million monthly views only in our own media, producing PR & Marketing assets to showcase the essence of your game and present it in the best possible way: Trailers, screenshots, store assets, press kits, box arts…


keep an eye on us

And we let you to know before any other way the last news, updates and offers about our games and upcoming releases

About us

Team comprised by veterans with more than 30 years working in the video game industry, but also by young dreamers with the drive and talent to carve their name on video games history.
Together, our members have published more than 200 games from 17 different countries for PC, consoles and mobile devices, both digitally and physically.

Some of them have even designed their own games, top sellers included, allowing them to understand the trials and tribulations developers go through when working on their titles.