Episode 4 Gameplay Patch is Here! Improving Your Visit to St. Cecilia’s Abbey

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song of horror

Face the manifestations of the Presence, an unpredictable, eldritch AI that reacts to your way of playing.

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Dear horror fans,

Thank you for playing our latest episode! Watching you roam St. Cecilia’s Abbey, the domains of the cursed Abbott and his monks, has been an absolute blast. We are having a lot of fun reading your reactions to the plot revelations in preparation for the surprising conclusion to the story we have in store for you.

We have been working hard during the last week to introduce several important fixes to improve the gameplay experience of Episode 4, alongside a couple of general tweaks. Here’s everything we are featuring in Song of Horror today, with the 1.13 update:


  • The map should no longer forget to properly mark whether doors you have already interacted with are open or not, helping you to explore the episodes with more information


  • Removed a bugged map interrogation icon.


  • René’s gun now has a unique use.


  • Maxwell’s Lucky Coin is now usable on intended situations. If you equip it, you’ll know when you can use it.
  • Fixed several blocking bugs with the cutscene playing after the four ornate keys are used.
  • Fixed a bug that could block your character upon using the spirits bottle on the still.
  • Fixed several minor yet very visible bugs happening during cutscenes.
  • Fixed being able to remove pieces for the retractor during the animation played upon successfully assembling it.
  • Fixed several white loading screens.
  • Fixed being able to open the inventory/documents upon the Requiem finishing animation.
  • Fixed some bugs affecting light sources on finishing The Requiem.
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the cold event.
  • Fixed several audio bugs with character phrases.
  • Fixed several loading bugs.
  • Fixed several texts which remained in Spanish.
  • Fixed a few texts appearing when they shouldn’t and others not appearing when they should.
  • Toned The Presence down a tad to better compensate for Saint Cecilia’s Abbey’s vast extension (it’s in its nature to misbehave)
  • Parts of Saint Cecilia’s Abbey should no longer fail to load.

Where are you going Daniel?!

A big shoutout to everyone on the Steam forums, who are always motivating us to move forward and give our best to deliver the horror game we always dreamed of. Your feedback, thoughts, and opinions are incredibly valuable, and we encourage you to keep being so vocal as we move forward into the final part of the story.

Here’s a couple of your most inspiring comments:

«This game just keeps getting better. I’m so happy i found this game. The atmosphere presented in each episode is absolutely incredible. this episode was well worth the wait, absolutely phenomenal.»

«Can’t describe how much we love this game. thanks you for creating it! :bite:«

Beware of The Presence, lurking in the edges of your mind…


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And the Winner of the 120 €/$ Raiser Games Bundle is

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