You might be wondering if you can upload, stream and/or monetize your videos about Raiser Games…

The answer to that question will always be:


yes, you can

We encourage you

To have fun and create any type of videos using content from our games.
We love watching your inspiring reviews, detailed walkthroughs, entertaining gameplays, thorough guidelines and everything you produce!

It’s fantastic for us that you share your passion and love for our games through your creativity and imagination.

we use keymailer...

The easy and simpler way to get a key from our games to discover them and make a review or a live stream, even before it´s been released.


...or bring your own data

So we can know you and give a better answer to your needs.
Send us a mail with the name of your channel(s) and the platform where you broadcast!

LAtest raiser games news

And the Winner of the 120 €/$ Raiser Games Bundle is

And the Winner of the 120 €/$ Raiser Games Bundle is

goat of duty A fast-paced multiplayer shooter where goats armed to the horns bleat face to face in a relentless deathmatch.. click for more infoFreshmint!!! Congoatulations on winning this awesome prize! We have used Commentpicker to draw the winner randomly, and you...

keep an eye on us

And we let you to know before any other way the last news, updates and offers about our games and upcoming releases

About us

Team comprised by veterans with more than 30 years working in the video game industry, but also by young dreamers with the drive and talent to carve their name on video games history.
Together, our members have published more than 200 games from 17 different countries for PC, consoles and mobile devices, both digitally and physically.

Some of them have even designed their own games, top sellers included, allowing them to understand the trials and tribulations developers go through when working on their titles.