Song of Horror Episode 4: The Last Concert is now available!

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song of horror

Face the manifestations of the Presence, an unpredictable, eldritch AI that reacts to your way of playing.

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Dive into the intricate, eery hallways of St. Cecilia’s Abbey. 8 more hours of psychological horror awaits you. 

Hello, horror fans,

The wait is over! You can already play Song of Horror’s latest episode: The Last Concert.

This episode is a long one. We initially thought that it would take around 6 hours to beat, but it is closer to the 8-hour mark! You will despair in your perilous visit through St. Cecilia’s Abbey, the biggest location we’ve created. This time, you can advance through the adventure in different ways depending on where you decide to go, which items you pick, who dies and who doesn’t (and in which moment!)… We are giving you more freedom in this episode, more focused on open-exploration and less in a linear progression.

The designer of the St. Cecilia (and the intricate buildings in the previous episodes) studied architecture and is applying his knowledge to recreate how a real, ancient Abbey would look like… If it was haunted by The Presence!


Designing a real-looking Abbey includes creating pieces like stained glass as well

What’s new in this episode?

  • Discover what happened to the monks of the macabre St. Cecilia’s Abbey after interpreting the cursed song while you face the diverse manifestations of The Presence, now more powerful than ever!
  • Experience a whole new narrative structure: Explore St Cecilia’s Abbey from different starting points depending on how many characters you lose. Unlock new areas to help other investigators if you happen to fall prey to The Presence.
  • Experience 8 hours of exploration-based play in the biggest episode to date.
  • Say hello to another new character: Meet Ernest Finnegan, a renowned archaeologist past his glory days and a dear friend of Husher. After finding out how dangerous the Abbey is, and haunted by his guilt for leaving Husher alone, he is now looking to help his close acquaintance to survive his current predicament.
  • Returning characters will join the adventure depending on who you played with and who survived in previous chapters!
  • Each episode in Song of Horror is inspired by a masterpiece of the horror genre. This time, we looked into Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to create this setting. Look out for the references to other games, movies, books and more!


The Abad of St. Cecilia will haunt you through his domains!

We noticed that you liked Episode 3 a lot, and we cannot wait to see your reactions to The Last Concert and the new scares we prepared for you! We are taking this opportunity to introduce a couple of fixes for Episode 3 as well: 

  • Fixed a bug which caused you to skip a cutscene should you die due to not having the bolt cutters at the end of the Newspaper Archives.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause you to load incorrectly upon saving and quitting while going up/down stairs in the Great Library.
  • Fixed a bug causing the moving bookshelf in the Interlude to appear closed on loading.

Finally, we are also working on a brand new trailer covering the four available episodes in preparation for the fifth and final one. We’ll share it with you when it’s ready! 

Your encouragement means a lot to us. It helps us to deliver each episode with all the love we have for old-school horror adventures. Here are a couple of new comments we read on our last update that we love!

«I’m waiting for all the episodes to play, even when I already bought them! It looks dope. Congratulations and gratitude to Protocol Games for this gem. Thousand thanks.»



«This game is a f**cking masterpiece!» Arcak

Once again, thank you for your support. Enjoy the fourth episode of Song of Horror! 


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And the Winner of the 120 €/$ Raiser Games Bundle is

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