Song of Horror Episode 4: The Last Concert launches on January 30th!

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song of horror

Face the manifestations of the Presence, an unpredictable, eldritch AI that reacts to your way of playing.

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Greetings, horror fans,

We are launching the newest episode of Song of Horror on January 30th!

This episode, and Song of Horror as a whole, is our love letter to the masterpieces of the genre. That’s why we are so happy to see that Song of Horror reminds you of games like Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and others! We missed the creeping atmosphere and unbearable tension that those games delivered in the past, and we wanted to bring that back with our personal flavor: The Presence as an unpredictable entity, and the permadeath of your characters, a terrifying thought.

This time, we are pushing things even further: we have left the biggest area of the game for this new episode! St. Cecilia’s Abbey, built to honor the patroness of musicians, was once a holy place, now tainted by the influence of The Presence. Will you find the answers you are looking for in this haunted place?

You can visit Song of Horror Episode 4’s page on Steam here.

What’s new in this episode?

  • Discover what happened to the monks of the macabre St. Cecilia’s Abbey after interpreting the cursed song while you face the diverse manifestations of The Presence, now more powerful than ever!
  • Experience a whole new narrative structure: Explore St Cecilia’s Abbey from different starting points depending on which character you choose. Unlock new areas to help other investigators if you happen to fall prey to The Presence.
  • Experience more than 8 hours of exploration-based play in the biggest episode to date.
  • Say hello to another new character: Meet Ernest Finnegan, a renowned archaeologist past his glory days and a dear friend of Husher. After finding out how dangerous the Abbey is, and haunted by his own guilt for leaving Husher alone, he is now looking to help his close acquaintance to survive his current predicament.
  • Returning characters will join the adventure depending on who you played with and who survived in previous chapters!

As we get closer to our final episode, we just wanted to reiterate how thankful we are to have so many players that share our same passion. Here are some of the comments from the community that we wanted to highlight this time!

«If I was dying and I had to choose between food and this entire game… ?% I would choose this game»

«My steam library is extensive, yet this is the number 1 horror game that I own out of many»

This game takes the classic horror adventure game and adds satisfying new elements and ramps up the tension by a factor of 10″

«Now this is a throwback to the golden age of horror games and, as a huge fan of the genre, me likey!»

«Song of Horror manages to keep you on the edge of your seat in the best way I’ve had in any horror so far!»
Tickles the Gamer

Looking forward to sharing more information about the new episodes of Song of Horror!

And remember, beware of The Presence…


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And the Winner of the 120 €/$ Raiser Games Bundle is

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