The Beta Champions Team Joins the Tournament in ESLT Newest Update

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What’s up, esports fans?

This new update introduces a couple of highly anticipated features, such as the inclusion of the champions of the beta competition as an NPC team, as well as the ability to monitor the rivals’ tactics.

Here’s a list of the new features arriving with this 0.8 Update:

Meet the beta champions!

Do you remember the beta we held some time ago? If you do, you may also remember that we promised the winners would be part of the game.

Well, the wait’s over: meet Fals Mans e-Sports Club, a team formed by Zetaka, kimura, DookieBrown and Thomasthegama, the four Esports Life Tycoon players who won that competition. Take a look at their unique crest and kit designed by Pau Fuentes, the winner of Beta Design contest.

They will be part of the Silver division – and they can’t wait to face you on the battlefield! And who knows, maybe you end up firing them, since all their squad members will be available for you to hire.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Change the course of the matches.

We also made significant changes to the live matches. Now, you can see how your rivals develop their tactics during a game. It means that you will be able to check how they are reacting to your playstyle.

The new live statistics feature will let you understand what is happening in the arena. And all this data will be useful for you as a coach: give orders more precisely to ensure that your team clashes the opponent!

New notification icons.

We wanted all the icons to look similar so notifications will now be more relatable to other icons in-game.

Bug fixing.

Because that’s what patches are for… aren’t they?

Parles català?

Since the development team is based in Barcelona, we have added Catalan to the available languages.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and we’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions for future updates!

Thanks and good luck in the arena, coach!

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