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Dear esports fans,
Your suggestions are essential to making the game we all want. We hear you, and that’s why we bring you a new patch full of improvements based on your feedback.




  • The exploit that allowed skipping matches is gone. Fame and glory must be earned!
  • The Players tab now behaves correctly when closing info screens.
  • Player model rotation has been reassigned to the right mouse button, making it feel more natural.
  • The Starters tab closes correctly and player files are removed upon opening other info screens.
  • CEO’s emails from other teams have been improved.
  • You can now pause matches without any glitches in the simulator.
  • Player files can no longer be opened from screens where they shouldn’t be appearing.
  • Now, Sponsor events can only happen when you have a sponsor.
  • No more graphic glitches after a player overcomes a depression.
  • Status balloons now behave correctly when a player leaves the house.
  • Player images in their tabs now have a better resolution.
  • Players no longer wear jerseys from other teams; now, they always show their true colors!
  • Female player models have been adjusted to fix graphic glitches.
  • And many other small improvements to make the game more stable!


  • Players no longer retire when they’re 23-25 years old; now they can play until they’re 28.
  • Experience points for Gold potential players have been increased.

We hope all these upgrades will make your game experience even better! And, of course, don’t hesitate to contact us via Steam discussions and our Discord server.

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