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Raiser Games is Webedia’s boutique game publisher. With over 200 games behind our backs, our talented team of professionals helps independent developers to bring their best ideas to life by producing, marketing, publishing, and distributing their projects on multiple platforms and on a worldwide scale.

Our flagship title, Youtubers Life , is a trendsetter, million-player franchise with a unique spin on the life simulation genre. Our diverse portfolio includes the Lovecraftian cult-hit Song of Horror , the quirky arena shooter Goat of Duty , and the MOBA manager spin-off Esports Life Tycoon, among others. We strive every day to fill the world with fun and games for everyone. A Raiser Game is both an entertaining experience, and a friendly community where players feel at home.

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We are searching for the best new games out there. We can offer…

Investing to develop, nurture and market your game Worldwide.

Prepare a customized, flexible deal suited to the needs of your game and studio.

Collaborate with top influencers to promote your game.

Reach a wide net of contacts and media outlets with more than 250 million players.

Expand your game universe through transmedia projects: merchandising, esports, comics, shows, branded content.

A combined experience on publishing more than 200 games, AAA, AA and Indies.
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Pitch your game