Who we are

We are the community where gamers all around the globe can play together,
the common ground that promotes casual encounters among people.

We are the place where the creativity and imagination of content creators flourish,
the stage where the collective experience of developers and players unleashes.

We are the new generation boutique publisher for PC and consoles,
the gaming label that breaks the confines of gaming to reach beyond its limits.

“Because the most remarkable moments in life are the ones you share with others”

The Raiser Games


We have your back

Regardless of studio size or setting -whether you are a team working in an office complex or a multitasking individual coding in your own garage- Raiser Games is interested in you and your game.


When you partner with Raiser Games, you work closely with our talented team of producers to achieve the full potential of your dream game from any point of development.


When you join our family, we provide the extra muscle you need to get your game out there.

Marketing &PR

As we are gamers ourselves, we understand what players look for in your game, building the bridge between your potential audience and your title through social media, specialized gaming sites…

Join the conversation


Howdy, fellow content creator!


You might be wondering if you can upload, stream and/or monetize your videos about Raiser Games… games.


The answer to that question will always be:




We encourage you to have fun and create any type of videos using content from our games.
We love watching your inspiring reviews, detailed walkthroughs, entertaining gameplays, thorough guidelines and everything you produce!
We think it’s fantastic that you share your passion and love for our games through your creativity and imagination.


If you notice us on social media and want to show us your content, do not hesitate to mention us on your post!


We will watch your awesome video and answer your post: It’s a promise!


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